the quest for the grail lyrics – wotan

you are seeking
the secrets of the holy grail
season by season,
journey to glory
you are the chosen
one who will weld this blade
and will drink the sacred blood

but resurrected hors*m*n
black knights of h*ll
brandishing the steel
you can kill them you can crush them
but they’ll rise and rise again
you have to face them
to achieve the final aim

you are asking
for the secrets of holy grail
ashes to ashes what’s the answer
but it’s not the time for truth
so long the way
so short your life

darkness is escaping
broken by the light
won by your steel the roaring night
the light embraces you
and you feel a mighty force inside
you’ve dared and fought
to achieve the final aim
so tired on your knees
now you are my friend
the path is still long

so frightful the night
the path is still long
so frightful the night
the inner force the wisdom call
the longest road you have to walk
greatness you will find
just if you want

but now lift your head
and rise high your sword
towards the sky
throw your battle cry
face the fate
and fortune you will grasp
feel the force inside
victory is by your side

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