the queen of egoism lyrics – leng tch’e

everything you do is out of self-interest
you’ll never do anything for someone else,
you’ve got no respect for someone else’s opinion
you’re the high-commander, everyone bows for you
you’re manipulating everyone to do what you want
and bragging with other people’s achievements

you hypocrite backstabbing sl*t,
busybody and wiseacre!
meddling in with other
people’s business, try to
keep up appearances
but you’re no upper cl*ss

you claim to be the only one with wisdom of life
but still you always make the same mistakes,
you always need to be the centre of attention
everyone has to make room for you and your ego
no one else can have pain but you
your own misery is always bigger

you’re a selfish b*tch!
you’re only thinking
about your own self
break your promises
if there’s no personal gain

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