the one who smite lyrics – aura noir

i am the phantom you please to see
oh, my precious. come sleep with me
i occurred beside the magic p*wn
omnious, is this fading dawn
i am the scenary, the one who smite
i was always meant to avoid this light
wisely, i naturally avoided the lash
and escaped what now is layed in ash
you starvers you have seen
nevermore will you look upon the preen
illusionary palace, glory in a curl
wretched faces of a dead world…
they, the dust, have now gone.
for the lord of them will be the one
that broke their wings, and kissed their h*rns
enslaved, and carrying the burden of the th*rns.
beyond this millenium, and milleniums more…
the moving figures
my undressed l*st
their tempting eyes with their silver dust
mine to behold like the flap of my soul
dead skin prison.

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