the night before the funeral lyrics – arab strap

the night before the funeral, i got some
i sneaked a young girl up the stairs and past my mum
i took her clothes off and i played with her bits
and she did the same but it took ages for me to come
too drunk and getting old

it was a lovely show for a god i don’t believe in
i couldn’t sing a single note at the service
when they did “how great thou art” all i could think of
was my old l.p of hymns by elvis
there’s no such thing as sin

i said to laura, “i hope i know you forever”
“and when i’m going, i’m going the viking way”
“lay me in a boat with my favorite things”
“and set me on fire then send me on my way”
“kick me out to sea”
there’s no such thing as sin

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