the new lee highway lyrics – david bromberg

all through northern oregon
always at my side/sight
sleeping in those narrow beds
and then we’d ride
drinking in those dirty bars
keeping out of sight
sleeping in that cold back seat
and then we’d ride
you know that god d*mned road seemed like it went forever
exhausted fumes made our eyes turn red and swell
with our clothes tightened the seat and to our bodies
it was a stinking summer trip to southern h*ll
eating carbonated cr*p
turning up inside
gas oil service station jobs

and then we’d ride
(fiddles solo)
silence in the france
trying not to start to fight
quiet as…………
and then we’d ride
you know you can …little one horse towns
with the …….movie and houses all closed down
no where to go from here but up and down the road
and nothing over there but the same godd*mned town
another sour coffe cup
one more piece of………pie
buy a two brush and change clothes
and then we’d ride

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