the meaning of life lyrics – leng tch’e

one night my mom was drinking in a bar
she told me to sit down and listen to her story
she’s telling me my conception
came when they were both tipsy
that’s why i was put on this earth
because you motherf*ckers were both drunk
but what she’s really trying to say is
that i’m just not wanted here

no one welcomed me to this earth
n*body wants to have me here
i feel like i’m all alone
what the f*ck did i do wrong?!?

long time ago i had a depression
my father’s trying reverse psychology
he’s telling me i cost too much
so i propose him to jump off a cliff
and what he answers then is
“no you don’t have to go that far”
but what he’s really trying to say is
“just don’t blame me in your suicide note”

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