the malevolent lyrics – impurity of mriya

the rich empowered f*cking suit and tie
is the reason we have to die

they follow one so called ent*ty
a f*cking shadow with a blatant ident*ty
with no end to their greed
quenched by all, all that bleeds
they feed, they feed
they feed on agony
no stopping, no stopping
no stopping the apathy
so by now it should be evident
this is the rise of the malevolent

free killing always justified
did away with those who testified
the only key to undoing their chains
a f*cking bullet sent right through the brains

the average eyes cannot see
what they see
what they see
one never knows where they
just might be
just might be

no way to take heed
no path to make leave
roads flood when they bleed

there is no essence that solely empowers you
those who defend you will be devoured too
the lower learning f*cking generation
is the only key to saving this nation

so as it rose, (it will fall) it will fall
trapped inside, collapsing walls

the malevolent

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