the long night lyrics – seven kingdoms

ride and fight!
we shall die tonight!
the demon hordes are coming here
they need our blood, they’re drawing near

ride and fight!
the end comes this night!
we will defend our dying land
no turning back, this is our stand

boys and men of elder years
women and children holding spears
wild eyes dart, filled with fear
the evil force is drawing near
we can not run, we can not hide
there is no time for us to bide
our final stand here, side by side
it’s time to make our last ride

don’t cry now, don’t shed a tear
though the end comes, you will feel no fear
when all is done on this night
we will meet again in the afterlife

we will meet again

the blood flows from my wounds
this battle will be my last
the life fades from my breath
this battle will be our last

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