the lockin featuring diamond lyrics – alvin grisham

[hook] x4
if you got some sh*t you betta f*cking solve them but if you don’t i’m gonna f*cking drop em my fists b*lls up and i start the lockin my fist b*lls up and i start the lockin

[verse 1] [gurl/diamond]
well b*tch lets get the knocking cause i’ll have you ina f*ckin lokin i kepp it droppin i keep it poppin and i ain’t never goona make it stoppin listen girl if you wanta try me up just know that i’m deadly and ready to buck well ho let me tell you some sh*t keep on poppin lockin droppin that quick whan i step upon the scene you know just what i mean i don’t lie i keep it in the trap cauise i make my money and rap but if you don’y kno what i do well trick you mutaf*ckin thru

[hook x2]

[verse2] [me/boy]
well n*gg* i be mob don’t you kno that i will see never care what a n*gg* say cause he say sh*t i puchem in da fac i keep it down for my town 50g’s that’s my amount cause i’m the king i stay crowned man i be in my gameand i stay on the game mane you got some sh*t say it and stop being lame you don’t know me i’m from the hood come on n*gg* i wish you would i keep it down for my street and h*ll’s kitchen burnin da heat and that what i say cause i don’t f*ckin play

[hook] x4

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