the life of a player lyrics – 2nd ii none

the life of a player ain’t no simple task
best believe you gotta watch yo’ *ss
’cause n*gg*rs and b*tches stay on yo’ sh*t
just waitin’ for a n*gg*r to hit

but a player like me got my own game plan
and that’s why i keep the upper hand
and this is the reason why i sell this
to keep you motherf*ckers jealous

they can’t cope with a n*gg*r like me
tha d the motherf*ckin’ g
now won’t you come and catch a grip?
and b*tch, get my d*ck off your lip

and tell your n*gg*rs to get back
before somethin’ happenin’ like you gettin’ pimp slapped
thinkin’ of a true star
you’ll come out with p l a why e are, the player

the life of a player, straight out the money, bail to the bank
the upper high cl*ss where a n*gg*r rank
and people always try to say they feelin’ it
then wanna come with the bullsh*t

i don’t wanna deal with a b*tch on a get-rich-quick plan
tryin’ to make a player, be her man
and the n*gg*rs on the nut jock roll
bein’ a hoe for a player, they might as well be on a stroll

bringin’ the k back a fat end
just so they could be my friend
i don’t accept it, i’ll look you over then check it
as another n*gg*r who feels neglected

the punk and the b*tch in a broke role
will i ever go back to? h*ll, nah
i think, i’ll stick to the lick that got me rich
slangin’ this d*ck, the life of a player

an old off the street pimp’s con game
an old off the street pimp’s con game
playin’ n*gg*r, playin’ hoe, playin’ b*tches

b*tches, n*gg*rs, the whole nine yards
try to search for the play on the boulevard
the coolest n*gg*r on the scene
now he live his life like a king

he never rolls undercover
’cause yo, he’s a bad motherf*cker
thinkin’ of jackin’ my friends
hmm, you better think again n*gg*r

see few have only been chosen
but this young player has rosen
with a different b*tch every night
b*tches give up the p*ssy because they don’t like to fight

and when he’s done they remember the door
’cause they know they gotta go
he’ll do ya know and see ya later
that’s right b*tch, this is the life of a player

hoes up and tramps down
n*gg*rs all around
money in the bank, b*tch
yeah, that’s right
this is the life of a player

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