the lewes martyrs lyrics – old forest

“burn him in a tub of tar, burn him like a blazing star,
burn his body
from his head; then we’ll say old pope is dead – burn

the 17 marian martyrs of 1555, were burnt at the stake in
on orders from the crown. protestant kindling to stoke
the catholic
fire – long into the night, did burn the holy pyre.

screams were heard throughout the weald, as these
christians met
their fate. burnt at the hands of their brethren,
reconciliation came
too late. every year since gone, this slaughter is
bl**dy mary’s revenge was short lived.

here is their god – that god is the flame.
(or satan, by another name)
drinking blood from the chalice,
at sunday morn in lewes.

burn! burn! burn! burn!

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