the land of the fading sun lyrics – wereworld

time… a long way back in time
in a far eastern land
the land of rising sun
an island named japan
swords and honor codes
things the west should fear
hard working men…they feel
the strength of unity

i know you know… i know you know
(that there’s no silence)
i know…i know
though borders are so silent

running towards the secrets of an admirable race
your worst enemy crawls inside
but you were free to make your will
land of rising sun have you been subjugated to survive?
your worst enemy crawled inside
will kamikaze set you free again?

hi-tech, cd-roms
traditions… many are lost
some ceremonial clothes
in the age of a cyber-world
the knowledge erased
by uncontrollable rage
to beat the enemy…
or just right as they’ve planned?

i know you know… i know you know
(that it’s a lie)
i know… i know
nihon will never die

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