the iceberg lyrics – ice-t

[verse 1]

i-c-e b-e-r-g
what’s that spell? iceberg, n*gg*, can’t you read?
time to bleed, slaughter, slice
try to say i wasn’t nice as we waxed them punks like lab mice
dice ’em up, slice ’em up, dissect
put you in a boilin’ pot and let your *ss sweat
cos i rap on game you think i’m weak in a freestyle?
well 911 you should dial
before my posse makes a move on your mom’s crib
think we got knives and guns? we got bombs, kid
blow up your whole block, ya hear the gunshots
throw you in the syndicate cellar and let your body rot
cos i’m the coldest motherf*cker that you ever heard
call me the ice…or just the iceberg

[verse 2]

evil e was out coolin’ with a freak one night
f*cked the b*tch with a flashlight
pulled it out and left the batteries in
so he could get a charge when he begin
used his d*ck, the sh*t was tight
b*tch’s t*tties start blinkin’ like tail lights
rolled her over to change a connection
the b*tch’s ugly face cold spoiled his erection
i’m the ice rhymer, a big timer
and yes i’m a pimp and a player and a hustler and kinda
a mack and a poet, impressive i know it
don’t only rhyme for n*gg*s cos i live my life co-ed
on the mic it’s livin’ breathin’ hype
a 1989 type dolemite
cool motherf*cker, word
call me the ice…or just the iceberg

[verse 3]

charlie jamm f*cked a freak on a ski-lift
10 below, gave her the d*ck
it was cold and she said “quit!”
charlie jamm said “bullsh*t!”
she said “oh, oh, oh my god!”
charlie’s d*ck was frozen hard
but she said she never felt it
maybe charlie’s d*ck melted
yes, i’m the rhyme kicker, the hard liquor
parental guidance sticker? yeah, i’m the n*gg*
triple x is how i rate
i’m the one your parents hate
i’m as cold as cold can get
under pressure never sweat
cool motherf*cker, word
call me the ice…or just the iceberg

[verse 4]

out with the posse on a night run
girls on the corner, so let’s have some fun
donald asked one if she was game
back alley sally was her name
she moved on the car and moved fast
on the window pressed her *ss
all at once we heard a crash
donald’s d*ck had broke the gl*ss
yes, i’m the big wheeler, the girl stealer
and if we play cards don’t let me be the dealer
the ice, cool as water, hard as stone
the black mack of the microphone
talkin’ sh*t the way i do
rhyme pays, the posse grew
did you like power? word
well this is the ice…or just the iceberg

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