the howling lyrics – dominium

take a breath
touch the frozen mouth of the undead

discover the morbid mystery of ancient daemons
at last, it becomes a reality

i’ve found in myself
death lives in everyone
show me the way
the lost world will be yours

demon tailor from chalons
will show you the path
feed the eye of the storm
my darkest friend

let shadows wake my nightmares
so they can haunt me in the moonlight
let the dusk ease my pain
for i shall not sleep again

i don’t know anything
i’ve killed my soul to flee from myself
that’s the only way
beware and try to hide against me

wolves are impatient tonight
their howling echoes in my stomach
stimulating my transformation
so let the world fall

night’s falling
i’m starving
i’m searching the nearby forests now

my senses are getting sharper

the full moon initiates my metamorphosis

i don’t know anything
i lost myself but i have you
my gift is for the chosen ones
it’ll make us leaders of the pack

curse me!
the beast from the pagan past
was born from my genotype

peter stube put on his wolfish belt
found your trace
in the snow

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