the higher cause lyrics – infernal poetry

the higher cause

lord, ancient father
dissolve the mist
bring the light
forgive my life

my wan life
wasn’t what they talk me (about)
serve: born to serve
in glory and decay
give me back my form
my drab form
you blew my will away
chains- your divine chains
eternal cross on me

give me back my form, i will reborn
put your string down and let me exist

beyond the endless time, of eternal will and being
just a grain in the desert sand till my reign will be complete
winds of fire blows below, as my whispers shapes a life
as the human memories they are doomed to die

why did you call me son?
why slowly wither and die?
why have i only been praying?
why did i build up your reign?

lord you called me son
you choose my choice
extirpate my eyes

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