the high school loser lyrics – forgotten hero

who likes to point and laugh,
at the kids who come in last?
and who likes to gawk and stare,
at a loner and what he wears?
or the kids that are put down,
that aren’t ever let back up?
you think you wear the crown,
but it’s time to p*ss this cup.

because you think you have it all,
you think you’ve got it made.
but try and keep it up,
because your time will quickly fade.

is it the clothes you wear,
or the way you comb your hair,
that gives you the right to judge?
is it the car you drive,
or your best friends ride,
that lets you put them down?
because in five years,
this will all disappear,
and you’ll be left alone.
and the kids left out,
will quickly find the route,
to take them straight above.

does it bring you comfort,
when you put someone else down?
does it make you feel better,
to see someone’s face frown?
i can’t understand why you
cause so much pain and fear.
cut the cr*p,
you’re not the winner here.

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