the heretic lyrics – destruction

black – black is the color that i adore
dark – dark are my visions i’m in love with a wh*r*
reveal – reveal my reverence to no one
call me – the ruffian the devil’s son!
cancer – i’m the cancer in your brain
betrayer – i’m the one drives you insane
sadistic – your depressions turn me on
ain’t diplomatic – slaughter is my regime
i’m the heretic!

i’m the heretic
ain’t diplomatic – you’re so pathetic
and i p*ss on your church!
i’m the heretic
i ain’t no preacher – no f*ckin’ teacher
the leech that sucks your life
fear – the creeping fear in your daydreams
deception – touch me nothing like it seems
poison – i’m the poison running through your veins
death – is my brother your last friend
i’m the heretic!
repeat chorus (x2)
i’m the heretic
i’m the heretic
(the leech that sucks your life)
i’m the heretic
i’m the heretic

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