the extinction of benevolence lyrics – internal bleeding

hatred flows through man
the end is now at hand
goodness has been erased
there is no time for saving grace

what strides have we all made?
we are but modern man who is enslaved

killing women and children
for a buck so one can get a quick high
morals are unknown to these savages
and some do know right and wrong
they should die

confined in a sh*ll waiting to break free
these mongrels roam the streets waiting for their prey
bloodthirsty mortals have no regard for human beings
another life wastes away

the extinction of benevolence sees man regressing into
there is no hope for us to change until our father’s
the extinction of benevolence sees man regressing into
the clock is ticking now and we’re the ones who care
the least

prepare for extinction

hunters and gatherers we were long ago
it’s the same over and over
all this technology and its philosophy
consumed by greed, grows stronger and stronger

we are the same man who breathes, f*cks and sh*ts
just like primitive man

all the humans in this world are judgmental
but no one gives a d*mn
we are sinners, there’s no winners
in this game called life and death

generations are all doomed from our actions
no chance of retraction

millions of babies dead from the wars they have bled
crimes of p*ssion, crimes of hate
it’s way too late
break the skull, open it
see what makes us tick

the extinction of benevolence is here
the end of time is becoming very clear
mankind is continuing to fight his shadow
we all suffer because it is our own battle

people fighting and warring with one another
reconcile with your only beloved brother
but we laugh because we do know what is good
violence is the only thing we’ve understood

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