the etheral spirits twilightdance lyrics – helheim

in woods spellbound by nature’s creatures
behind stones and trees, in thickets and caves
in n*ble times and dead n*bles‘ land
where myths were writ by norse men

upon misty fields and moors
in the twilight of dawn
one knew about them
but saw them not

one can see tracks in the earth
from the spirit’s enchanting dance

upon misty and moorse- effindance
in twilight or by dawn- effindance

i wonder in these times
after the magic’s gone
i wonder how man himself
was subdued by eastern faith

small fairies walk in line
a dark late-autumn evening
small fairies walk to the fields
a dark late-autumn evening
dance with me- effindance
by the dawning of late-autumn brilliance

times of wisdom have become foolishness
norse harmony has become christian stupidity
gods of magic, free the norse man

fairies of mystery, dance in a ring
but the memory of them has faded
a new era is intact
but the old one refuses to be lost

renounce and be captured by disease and die
or hail n*ble times and take part in their effindance

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