the enemy smacks lyrics – iq

helplessly held by the weeds, we are grown,
i tried talking sense to you, leave it alone;
i give in to the weight of the kick,
so weary of waiting and hoping for this,
the two of us alone, no-one else to see,
i promise not to miss you and no more jealousy.

careful of my gender, it comes, how it goes,
love me tender so n*body knows,
n*body knows the trouble i seen,
each time they asked, i said something obscene,
the splinters shower down, i shelter from the rain,
against the grain, against the moon,
i waxes and i wanes.

no ecstasy sent for taking a line,
right through the stokehold they rip, run and shine;
i awake and the feeling won’t drop,
each time they slam down, i swear i will stop,
the two of us alone, no-else to see,
the damage brings us closer to murder, can’t you see?

here in my rocking-horse house,
i keep the curtains drawn;
inside my little head,
i hear them screaming out my name.

here in my rocking-horse room,
i keep my eyes shut tight:
inside my peeping-holes,
i know that if they’re empty i can sleep.

don’t you believe her, deliver a shiver to me,
is this what you wanted?
i’m haunted, my eyes grown cold.
i still got second sight,
i still can see at night.

here comes the enemy, the beast in me,
alive a little more,
on my hard shoulder,
the warning goes deeper than before.
i still got second sight,
i still can see at night.

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