the death end lyrics – gomorrah

the death comes.
you lost your life.
you have no chance
to survive.

the death takes you
into another world.
the devil comes
and you must go to h*ll.

death comes quite.
close your eyes.
you will die
fast and quite

you know
your life is over.
the death is comming
and you must die.

no lost your life.
you know your will die.
death comes quite into you head.
he kills your brain.blow up your head.

forgett your was a dream.
you have failed ,this is the reason.
fotgett your acts ,all in vain.
kill your self.smash your neck

no lost your live.
it was only a dream.
death comes quite into your head.
this is reality.

dying brain—–in your head.
dakness eyes—in your head.
the death end comes into your head.

burning brain–in your head.
bl**dy eyes—-in your head.
you have lost your live in this h*ll.

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