the crumbling lyrics – thrown to the sun

through the chambers of a distant mountain
a cloister of an ancient time

spew forth the poison from the mouth
foaming soil grazes the entrance
mountain sheds its skin to single out whom to let

somewhere i’ll always miss
somewhere i can’t resist

scavengers feed off my sorrow held by the flesh
a clarified moment of suffering, formed by pains never
a power that bites the spirit, restrained by its

(“through a story that has been told by the voice of my

gathering clouds forebode a malign path
resistance is a double-edged dagger

am i to hold my ground despite all this?
ideals of the past crumble
rubble i let fall as i take step after another

a mountain of crimson dark

somewhere i’ll always miss
somewhere i can’t resist

i am but a speckle of dust in this
expect nothing but self-confrontation
guilts that were done by the flesh,
can not be justified

by the mere fact
that this quest is nothing more than
drifting in vain in the cogwheel of time

on this deserted soil
drench by my fears even more than
the deviously deployed clouds above

and when i finally reach to the mouth
of what seems to be the beginning out of a sudden,
there is no way to restrain myself
from walking deep into the caverns of the crimson

somewhere i’ll always miss
somewhere i can’t resist
somewhere i will insist
somewhere i will persist

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