the country life lyrics – crash test dummies

darling i’ve been thinking this one through
we’ve been fighting like cat and dog now here’ what we’ve got to do
this life in the city is killing the love that we once knew
we could be happy in the country

we would spend so many lovely days
we’d have chickens and cows and corn and whatever it is famers raise
at breakfast each morning we’d fry up our own hand-picked eggs
we could be happy in the country

so let’s pack our bags up together
and we’ll be in the clear forever

we’ll just sit right back and watch while our crops grow
while we listen to gals like kitte wells on country radio
weekends we’d two-step as some cowboy bar just down the road
we could be happy in the country

i know that the local folks will make us feel right at home
we’ll have homemade whiskey and ramble down country roads

and i would learn to ride on the rodeo
i’d have shiny boots and a cowboy hat so that n*body’d ever know
that we’d once been city folks that owned sporty cars and fancy homes
if we could just be in the country

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