the corporate waltz lyrics – diesel park west

when the rap’s got you running
sh*t beats at your door
all the bread’s been eaten
what was that struggle for
wasteland lying all around you
cold, cold, cold
images screaming at you
let’s do the corporate waltz

now i never meant to see more than you
i wouldn’t be a flag seller in the human zoo
cos it’s so sycophantic, celebrated, base and false
watching every generation do th corporate waltz

and i’m ready to fight yeah! i’m ready to flow
you do what you ought to
i won’t do the corporate waltz
– danube for a while – go mad go –
keep your secrets in the city
what you have i guess you hold
but you wake up one bright morning to find your game has gone
when it first gets a hold
you’re too young to know
no warning from your mama
no reality at school
then it’s a veil of silence
back off you’re getting too close
i dance to my own tune sucker
i won’t do the corporate waltz

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