the best sex i ever had started with a 900 number and credit card verification lyrics – deadwater dr

somewhere between the incision and the st*tch i could smell it
lubricate and stab the innocence from between her legs
burning from the inside out and ripping her to shreds
i can smell it burning
all she ever wanted was to break some hearts and suck some d*ck
she is not leaving until she is covered in vomit
and convulsing on the floor
she begged to be split wide open
from her throat to her c*nt
i’m not impressed
how would you like it if i came on your back
how would you like it if i broke it off in your *ss
it will take much more than that to separate the two of us
is it too early to tell you i love you
c’mon baby we can this out together
is it too late to ask for my shirts back
i hope you drop dead
drop f*cking dead
i thought we had something going on here
i thought what we had was special
i loved the sound of your voice
but i cannot paint the pictures of your face
i’m coming for you
confined to a three word lie
just wait until i find you
so i can shove this in your face
there seems to be an error here in your calculations
i’m not paying for my broken heart
there is only one thing left to say to you
i’m not paying for this

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