texas ave interlude lyrics – ugk

bun b:

pa is the town, where it’s goin’ down, west side to the east it’s off the chain
i’m bangin’ my surround, sw*ngin’ on these clowns, candy paint is drippin’ leavin’ stains
you see the diamonds grippin’ on the grain, chrom-ed lady sittin’ on the grill
leanin’ down the fifth, smokin’ on the fiff, drop the top and let em’ see the trill
ugk 4 life, you better ask your wife, she’ll tell you bun and pimp the real
like mack the knife so if you actin’ shife then imma give you somethin’ you can feel
don’t make me have to go and pull the steel
i c*ck it back and then i let it go
and put one in your dome, cuz i be puttin’ on for my city
better let em know

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