terranean wake iii – fear is my temple lyrics – worship

i know no light
and no salvation
i can’t remember how to live
i knew before
now there’s nothing
it blackens all

fear is my temple
crushing down
burning me alive
beyond all hope

i will not run – what for?
i bring my own darkness
can’t bring myself to look at the sky
i know it’s no longer there

est-ce la voie que j’ai choisi?
tout n’est que noirs marécages
et toutes ses sombres eaux
ne pourront me sauver du bûcher

[is this the way that i have chosen?
everything is black swamp
and all its dark waters
can not save me from the pyre]

fear is my temple…

there dire corridors
go right through me
my endless prison
always, me

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