temenos (here comes the shakes) lyrics – remy zero

temenos (here comes the shakes)

downed in the room
where i live,
scored some broken gl*ss.
breaking up, losing force.

hold my fingers up to the lightwell,
and the light is strange,
but i’m alright.
it’s strange, but it’s all right.

it is the tri-coloured fields
and my dream.
and all the people lean
to the sun all the time.
i saw you there.

my eye plays
camera tricks again.
the shutter clicks,
camera tricks.

i fade, i fade.


doot doot doo doot doot…
doot doot doo doot doot…

i tried to find something.
well, i only found nothing.
there go the roof, here come the sky.
let in the sun, here come the shakes.

here come the shakes!

[repeat chorus]

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