tangled wire lyrics – roddy woomble

the days and months and years
the minutes are creeping by
stretching further and further away
from the day i arrived

we head in a direction
that i’ve faced a thousand times
only now my elbows are relegated
to the p*ssenger side

and the rain fell like teeth against the window pane
click-clackiness all the way through the glen

trees lose their leaves
like books full of words they don’t need
like a poet poisons plants on his windowbox
seed by seed

but i’ve lived my life like a tangled wire
it’s hard to untangle what’s inside
to live your life like a tangled wire
’cause some things don’t need to be unwound

with an arm for a pillow
i can sleep away the miles
’cause i know you won’t stop driving
until we get to kyle
but there’s a freedom in limitation
that my role implies
so we’ll drive on through skye
and catch the boat to the western isles

i’ll let each breath in this while there collect into a sigh
let it hang between the cold sea water and the calm northern sky

but you’ve lived your life like a tangled wire
you can’t untangle a road, you let it unwind
to live your life like a tangled wire
’cause some things you just can’t unwind

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