take it ez lyrics – common sense

i’m easy, easy like sunday morning
i can kick a stupid nervous joint when i’m yawning
ahh, common’s comin’ with that old, oh, excuse me
elizabeth, this is a big one, i mean a dewe, dewe
doogie, howser, ‘cuz see i’m like bowser
kickin’ it with the sha-na-na-na, the t-shirt, and the
trousers, how’s the, family ties?
i’m left with the gift, open it up, surprise

big bat, filet-o-fish, quarter pounder french fries
icy coke, milkshake, sundaies and apple pies
and a cup? nah, that’s enough of that
i’m like an indian giver, yo, give me that back
comin’ again hip-pop-pop-pop bring it back selector
we be the thoroughbred, so use your head, play the trifecta
common infector, smug mc, heads up
ya better duck ‘cuz muck-a-luck, it’s me
(now what’s your name)

common, come in again, common
(how would you do it)
(now how was she)
common, check it out
common is coming soon to a theater near you
to the u a c crew, nuff respect due
do i do, where i do, when i do
i do, do, do, yo i do it on the ease

i be kickin’ it with the doubly-dope rhymer
i’m trippin’ and dippin’ and slippin’ with the rhyme like slimer
(who ya gonna call?)
i’m pee-wee we stole, and i’m just a
hustler, i tried to scheme for a sec
but the record got wreck, tried to write a bad check
so i checked myself, before self got buck

wild, tried to live how i had to fluctuate
to a snake, and metriculate, yo, i had to elevate
you can tell it’s great ‘cuz i’m state
of 87, the south side of chicago
five-oh-one come follow me yo, everywhere that i go
and i know i ain’t did nuthin’
(h*ll naw)
the district think i be just a lil trick kid frontin’
u ak got my back if there’s any contact

in the back is a track from immenslope soul cat
and it’s phat, sorta like oprah before she lost weight
i put my rhymes in good hands, hey, like ‘all state’
and i’m all in a state of ease, utopia
i’m the spiderman givin’ bug mc’s arachnaphobia
holy-molia, it’s totally awesome
the survey say, i gets moe skins than richard dawson
but i won’t catch mono or no type of disease
‘cuz when i flex, for s*x, i do it on the ease

a lop bop, a woo bop, a lop bam boogie
i’m a dr. pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a pepper
two-steppin’ through, yodel-le-hee-hoo
oui oui mon cheri, a como tale vouz?
(contraire mon frere)
ok, to the death
is it true that i’m dope?

yippedy yes, y’all, here we go a loopedy loop de loo
a hubbeda hula hoop, a hubbeda alley oop to coop
i gots the magic, but i’m not a laker
i’m shakin’ and bakin’ and takin’ ‘cuz i’m the back-board
break her arm and feather, whippin’ the wonder when she activates
hold up, my jaws are in my crack, p*ss the tape
time to activate and *j*c*l*t*

this is the beauty of where i’m in a state
i meant to say demonstrate
i’m in a state, where i’ve had too much eight, ball
in the corner pocket, count em, buck it
a chicken, a finger-lickin’ with a finger-bone
c’mon i’m on a roll, stippedy stutter-roll

owah-owah-owah-owah ayatoll
of khomein, my domain is infinite
ya got trouble, well you need to get some d*ck
and to the hip-hop shop, the future shock
when we started kickin’ on the one two, and ya don’t stop
but the buck stops here buckaroo
ya got your instructions, now you know what to do
take it easy

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