take a bath lyrics – kottonmouth kings

take a bath you dirty mother f*cker take a bath

i’m all about my girls p*ssy
when i get down you know i get it wet
i be workin it out every day and every night
different s*x be good
imma shoulder blade i’m built
you’ll respect my sh*t or you well get checked.

i’m getting tired of playin these hoes
all these dirty lil b*tches
all these scandles *ss hoodrats
it’s time for yall to hit the switches
bounch out quick
my girl f*ck to suck a good d*ck
and don’t get slit because i got a ganster b*tch.

baby listen up real quick
hear i go about to talk about some natrual sh*t
so listen to the flow while my d*cks in your mouth
and we f*ckin on the couch
and i’m turnin you out the p*ssy like wooo
and i know that you love to come with me
at the same time when i’m sweatin on your chest.
got you meserized i can see it in your eyes
you better tell those other guys that you belong to me.

i don’t really care about your motha f*ckin past
or how yer last boyfriend that treated you like trash
wanna keep it real i just hit that *ss
so stop the f*cking talking babe and go and take a bath
bring it back clean i work it down slow
i wanna take my time with you just to let you know
your messin with a pimp here a certified pro
and i wanna hear you scream like wooo wo wooo oo

take a bath baby go and wash away your insecurities
go wash away your fears, wash away your enemy
bring it back nice and fresh
for a player to play with
p*ssy like a slip and slide with it’s riding on my d*ck wooooo
d*mn baby you so fine
p*ssy look so good when you grindin up on mine
that’s right baby work it nice and slow
from the left to the right now work it to and fro oo
you know that feels so bomb
you know i wish i could f*ck you without a condom on
but it aint possible that sh*t just aint gonna happin
p*ssy after p*ssy i be magim mashin
if you got a golden ticket then let’s kick it treat it like i own it and straight get wicked
some say it’s the hoe in me but yo i can’t get enough
so baby go and take a bath and get ready to f*ck.


[daddy x]
i guarantee you never met a g quite like me
and i’ll step that with my money back guarantee
qualified to fullfill your wildest fantesys
and when the sun comes up i’ll let you get a little sleep
recharge your battaries cause imma but you to the test
lets get it startin with one week and never leave this bed
i’ll knock your other lovers flat
f*ck them out your head
your be screamin talkin marrage next you wanna have my kids.


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