tain bo cuailgne lyrics – cruachan

i see a battle-a blonde man,
with much blood about his belt,
and a hero-halo ’round his head,
whole hosts he will destroy.

his jaws are settled in a snarl,
he wears a looped, red tunic,
in thousands you will yield your heads,
his form dragonish in the fray.

a giant on the plain i see,
doing battle with the host,
holding in each of his two hands
four gore ladened battle-axes.

i see him hurling against that host,
two gae-bolga and a spear,
he towers on the battle field,
in breastplate and red cloak.

across the bladed chariot wheel,
the warped warrior deals death,
that fair from i first beheld,
melted to a mis-shape.
i see him moving into the fray,
take warning, watch him well,
cuchulainn, suailtim’s son!
making dense m*ssacre.

the blood starts from warriors wounds,
-total ruin, at his touch,
torn corpses, women wailing,
because of him-the forge hound

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