t.e.a.m. lyrics – mindset

if we stand alone, we stand no chance.
for our scene to get better,
we have to stand together.
instead of looking out for numer one,
just work together.
you’ll have more fun.
you’ll see a difference, i promise you.
theres too many things for one person to do.
many hands, make work light,
lets work together and make a change tonight!

together everyone achieves more.
no compet*tion no one up sh*t.
lets work together, lets make something of it
our scene:its all we know.
we’ll make it better than it has eber been before.
we’re all together on the same side,
we have to take our differences and put them aside.
if we play as a team we cannot lose.
if we play as a team we cannot lose.
together everyone achieves more.

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