sword of sodomy lyrics – lividity

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gently i bend you over
my c*m covered couch
protruding r*ct*m
with no lubrication

virgin *n*l walls
how far can they stretch
slowly i begin
to re-sheath the flesh sword

face stretched in pain
another inch of me
my c*ck frolics
your sh*t churns

so much tighter than your c*nt
you don’t lie lifeless now
my hands gripping hips
as you dig harder into the fabrics

your dry dirty r*ct*m
chaffs my thrusting c*ck
so close to achieving *n*l-gasm
i c*m first and retract

my fudgestick replaced with my mighty rigid fist
feces now a lubricant as you are ripped beyond bejief
urine trickles through crusted pubic hair
clobbered battered *n*s spread wide
laying smiling and bleeding

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