sweet sixteen lyrics – inspection 12

every morning i go to my local foodstore
to buy a bag of sweet sixteen.
good god i love those little doughnuts
it looks like i’ll turn out to be
a cop even though i dream of
playing every punk show.
having dreams and eating sweets
won’t get you where you want to go.
i try as hard as hard can be
i still can’t get the stuff i need
but it’s ok- for now it seems
i’m living life expectancy
i’d really love a new guitar
something bright metallic green.
guess i’ll wait for it a while
for now i’ll eat my sweet sixteen.
well if i am a mindless fool
i’ll die by following the rules
now heaven doesn’t want me there
and h*ll must have a load to bear
cause they said, “gee we’re all filled up!
please take a number wait in line.”
there must be other doughnut eaters
hey, perhaps they’re friends of mine

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