surround by disgust lyrics – lividity

i don’t care about the pain i have caused you
in my mind i am right for what i have done
your thoughts bring you back to the suffering and the
tearing your flesh was sweet to behold

you are so weak, pathetic, fragile
i wanted so much more misery
but you would not allow
you gave up too quickly

this wasn’t precious for you
there was no fight in you
i gave you the chances to see if you’d take them
but feeble you lay crying instead

worthless and a waste of my time
i am the artist, you are my tattered canvas
not worth the paint that has spilled
i did enjoy your screams however

the others before you fought back
you could stand to learn from them
you will see them soon
wherever they are, or have been

i think of them often
i will not waste thoughts on you

if s going away
do you even realize
i have given you
the freedom you don’t deserve

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