surprise surprise lyrics – x

surprise, surprise there’s a man downstage.
surprise, surprise i’m in a bar.
surprise, surprise it’s my turn to play.
i’m overworked and underpaid.
i drive to work in a rented bus,
200 miles or more a day, just so that you can get a
look at usand figure out if we’re worth you paid.
too many potential flingstoo many bands to depened.
over 60, 000 miles i travelledto drink more beer than
al capone bottled(and did he bottle.
.)i used to live the nightlife,
but now the nightlife’s living me.
too many times i had too manybecause there’s too many
people watching methey’re watching me.
surprise, surprise i remember them all.
surprise, surprise we ain’t p*ssed them off.
surprise, surprise i kind of miss the pastsurprise,
surprise it went by so fast.surprise, surprise .

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