sundown serenade lyrics – words of farewell

pictures of a floating world in front of the inward eye
on the verge of a quiet night i head towards the coast
the remembrance of all that i have to leave behind
aside the mighty sh*r*lines where i now reside

i sense a sudden disruption in the stream of
amidst the crashing waves while i stare into the setting

bring salvation to what is me, feeble and lonely
let duskfall embrace this day, set the sea ablaze

once lost within the dark chamber that was my heart
i will open a p*ssage to uncharted frontiers
longwinded change of cognition in the blink of an eye
leaving the calamity far behind i wade beyond the surge

the pathway to deliverance lies ahead
as the night settles in

wandering off into the afar i can hear her voice in the
calling out my name

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