summary takaisin – back lyrics – innpeach

(bernie pop , pt lauren , k-dee)

all that´s sacred, all that´s glowing in your head
all that´s purified is all that you must take to bed
with sorry means and your love from above
h*ll , sorry means never work
but , if you take my time and make me to be sober
then you will see that there is nothing to believe
but summary
what is sacred , now what is everything in red
who is patronized , when there´s a hole in your head
though sugar-eyed from the start , they´ll tear apart
can´t sugar-eye everyone
but , if you find your way and make me to believe it
then you will see , that there is nothing to conceive
but summary
take my guts and watch me as i crawl
do you understand at all
that you can burn me down right here
and determine with your fear
but for the sake of all that´s good
and for the cause of brotherhood
fill the emptiness in me
my summary

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