suffer the consequences lyrics – esham

nineteen ninety n*gg* sick, fbi all on my d*ck
life or death, if i had to pick
rather be safe and sound like dj quik
you might see me smashin ghost, 8-5-0
’cause i move twenty pictures back in ’94
a b*tch ain’t sh*t if she out for dough
reach back like a pimp, slap the ho
n*gg*s’ n*gg*s go to jail, and tell the dirt in the streets
i’mma make my pitbulls eat bl**dy in meat
police wanna see a n*gg* face defeat
watch the sh*t get bl**dy, next time we meet, n*gg*

[chorus 2x]
suffer the consequences
suffer the consequence

i’m always a witness to some type of crime
the city i live in’ll make ya lose ya mind
if you see a drive-by, act like ya blind
if you tell on me, that *ss is mine
my n*gg* got caught, wit a half on the third
heard he singin to the feds like a mockingbird
n*gg*s’ n*gg*s got to kill him, that’s all i heard
next day is bl**dy body, got smoke like herb
police askin questions, plus the irs
know my telephone number, and my home address
momma wonderin how can my baby be involved in this mess
from ill street politics i got mental stress, i’ma

[chorus 2x]

police raid my house and found 18 chickens
threw my b*tch on the floor, and still screamin and kickin
six in the mornin was the time of the of the stickin
heard n*gg* don’t move and shotguns clickin
hundred g’s in my safe but i came up short
they only said i only had ten when i went to court
plus i got two warrants of child support
ever seen a baller fall, n*gg* ain’t no joke
they say they got a witness, who a testify
on conspiracy, and murder wit no alibi
i’m thinkin to myself, d*mn, i wish they all day
25, wit an ill n*gg*, bound to cry, so i

[chorus 4x]

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