submission lyrics – dead youth


falling-crawling- to submission
as they make their attack
power-brings you to your knees
there is no turning back

your mind is controlled-life is now sold
for all you’re worth you’re drained
you speak what they say-become mindless prey
true thoughts are restrained
human but yet you obey like a dog
crushing you with their hand
stabbing the knife into your back
and still you follow their command

-it’s rapetime they’ll take control
submission your mind is sold

life * is not your own
formed into a mental clone
trapped-till the day you die
feeding off an endless life
choose to be-one who follows
like a wh*r* obeys to swallow
taking from you what they could
disguised behind a mask of good

you’ll give in you have sinned you will submit
you piece of sh*t fulfill the needs of authority
(you’re) filled with hate (their) power is great

dave piekarz – vocals
john karnes – b*ss
rick sprague – guitar
joe schaeffer – drums

this album is dedicated to all the crazy, sick, demented, insane, rapists,
“s*x fiends”, molesters, necrophiliacs, and murderes of the world—may you
strike again!!!

all songs ü 1992 dead youth
all songs written by dead youth
* backing vokills on “castration” by corporate death and b-no

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