straight off da head lyrics – brand nubian

yeah, yeah, for your mind
hmm right, let’s see what we can come up with
record after record, yeah, rhyme after check it

in the studio, on the first try
on the verse high only birds fly
you get out the pack like that y’all
straight off da head
let n*gg*z know i use to wear the pro
get three strikes yo, i used to have to court awarder
but now i got a daughter and she gotta grow

and i let her know that that ain’t the way to go
my name is x, yo, i’m like a puzzle when i get released
just like i had my muzzle off
check it out yo, i can never be sold
you don’t stop and you don’t stop
(and you don’t quit)
(we’re makin’ hit after hit, after hit y’all)
you don’t stop

comin’ straight off da head one time it’s the dread lord j
come around the way, would you say?
one time with my crew, manifessin’
just like that, now who you think you tessin’?
brand nubian, my crew be in effect,
get erect with the blunts and ya check

right in, one time, goin’ to the bank, i’m
cashin’ and you know i be stashin’
in the mattress, one time with the phatness
beats, i be blowin’ up, showin’ up
at shows, checkin’ all the hoes
just like that and defeatin’ all my foes, go for jack

yo, my name is x, yo, my name is x
and i was born in the bx, i went to new roch*lle
know my man, mark the spark who live in the vernon
and my man be they rhythm, dwell in bronxdale
in the home of the boss, goin’ down the block or go to forest
keep on goin’ past morris high school

then i go down the street to courtland ave.
vietnam, the male goes in jackson
over the bridge, on 45th to 8th ave.
go to 7th ave., go to polo grounds
go to drewham, 1-0-6 all the way to 1-10
black puerto rican and dominican, check it out

we’re gonna show you how we live
take you straight across the bridge
to medina where the gods is meaner, wisdom is cleaner
straight down on flatbush ave.
some of the streets in brooklyn’ll make you laugh
names like myrtle and willoughby
things like scurmerh*rn and cl*ssun

and funny names like that but still they got the gats rollin’
just like that, that’s how we be strollin’
maestro manny and my man big ill, we fill blunts
just like that we kill stunts
guts and what’cha want like that, we got nuts
just like that ‘cos it’s phat

check it out, yeah
(like that, ya don’t stop)
and i keep on goin’
i keep on goin’
(just like that, ya don’t stop)
my head keep goin’ on
rob deep from mackadocious, your cut be close
with the one blade, ever since the first grade
i been a fan of the rap and i can do this
i use to watch and listen, and watch the ol’ time greats

and watch ’em how they did things and i learned it well
i rip in new roch*lle, that’s where i dwell
check it out, my name is x, yo, my man mark the spark’s with me
my man serge got the urge to splurge, he came from cleveland
all the way from ohio, he’s gonna letcha know
can you deal with his flow? yo, yo

aiyo, peace to the gods, peace to the earth
peace to the birth of me and my seed khari
it’s like that in effect one time, and i’m
the black man, intelligent with the plan
islam be the bomb, droppin’ on the devils
goin’ to a higher level
peace to farrakhan and the nation like that
creation is black, one time, that’s a fact
original solar, i’m lord jamar

yes i be the intelligent one, i be the sun shinin’
like the light in the night, but still i be bright
one time, now i recite the lessons for ya
one time, messin’ for ya or check it out, without a doubt
peace to the gods, sincere, makin’ it clear
peace to tamiq, yeah that’s the language we speak
peace to knowledge, he didn’t go to college
but still he got the supreme mind

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