steal yo bitch lyrics – ricky mulah

i’m her nick cannon
and she my mariah
and i light the p*ssy up
and set the p*ssy on fire
aint a b*tch that’s a hotter
aint a b*tch that’s flyer
gettin white b*tches like my
first name is tiger
this that jumpa jumpa
you f*ck with suckas suckas
f*ck with n*gg*s who got money
and clean in the summa
f*ck with n*gg*s with bars
and who drive them nice cars
f*ck with n*gg*s with swag
and aint got they head too far
i’ont care who you are
imma steal yo b*tch
imma laugh in yo face
while you pout and fit
ricky tha jovonnie
and i eat a lot of c**n
i eat a lot of c**n for 6 hours
in the room

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