statement lyrics – frater

i raise my voice over a thousand seas
a soulless mourn, drifting along the waves
how could i ever reach the sh*r* that shines abroad
if less is more, this void is endless

i live my life under a simple statement
“breath by breath, dust to dust”
nothing is meant to last, nothing is meant to be
forevermore, forevermore.

something´s crawling through me

pain of wisdom, knowledge of flesh
wind of reckoning, d dr draag meeeee

there´s a deeper meaning, there´s a bigger force
than you and me, but you still don´t see the point.
an underrated life is unforgivable
you´re unforgivable. we´re unforgivable.

i never see. i never feel.

light dwells in me, blooms in me, but it´s too late, i am
the mist embraces the sh*r*, i´ll never reach it.
the sea devours all, unraveling justice.
i raise my voice, i raise my voice.

i raise my voice

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