started from the bottom (remix) lyrics (ft. asher roth, t mills, chuck inglish & king chip) – mike p

mike posner ft. asher roth, t mills, chuck inglish & king chip – started from the bottom (remix)

[hook: mike posner]
started from the bottom now we here
started from the bottom now the whole f*cking crew is here
started from the bottom now we here
started from the bottom now we here

[verse 1: mike posner]
i’m from the midwest, we say what up though
we’ll do it real big, when i’m back home
me and maejor we the next to blow
i made a mixtape, in my dorm room
i can’t believe this, it doesn’t seem true
i won’t stop though til everybody knows that
i’m repping finally famous, and oslo too,
to osha and jacob, i ain’t forget you
b*tch i’m bout to blow up, i’m talking real real soon
make a bunch of money, give it back to the school

[hook x2]

[verse 2: t mills]
i went from sleeping on the couch when i started
grindin’ everyday i couldn’t wait until i got my own apartment
now i’m chillin in a house by the sand
reach up in my pocket probably touch a couple grand
growing up i was misunderstood, now this watch around my wrist got me feeling good
went from riverside now i’m out in hollywood,
and my buzz world wide like i knew it would be
momma i made it, your boys almost famous
thanks for the support and i appreciate the patience
hold up, here’s a shout out to my favorites,
23 years old and i’m aspiring to greatness

[hook x2]

[verse 3: chuck inglish]
i was downtown clubbing, ladies night,
seen shorty she was crazy right
i approach baby like, ma what’s your asian type?
she looked at me and said you’s a baby right
i told her, 18 i live a crazy life plus i tell you
what the agents like, plus i tell you what the ladies like
need a man thats polite, listens and takes advice

[verse 4: asher roth]
hey ma, what’s up, alright, i’m good
come on we gone get it on tonight
i smoke, you drink? oh word, thats cool
come on, cause we gone get high tonight

[verse 5: king chip]
dropped so many jams i could do a best of
i get this money, keep the rhythm like quest love
cleveland n*gg*r under palm trees smoking good
you can’t do nothing but respect it if you from the hood
my zip code 44108, click clack when you hear that 44 run away
i lost so many friends in my neighborhood,
i know they love to see me down here doing good

[hook x2]

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