standing in the rain lyrics – carole king

we met along the back streets where we would not be seen
our bodies full of p*ssion, with love our only dream
the neon flashed in our hotel room, but i never complained
until the night you left me standing in the rain

i wondered what had happened, afraid to call your home
so i spent the night in the local bar, but i had to drink alone
i must have gotten in a fight, ’cause i woke up bleeding with pain
i had the midnight sun with you
now i’m standing in the rain
standing in the rain

another woman answered when i called you in the morning
the sound of her voice came without a warning
the sun was coming up, but inside my soul was storming
i guess there are some promises you just can’t keep

i’m still wandering down those back streets
but with a different point of view
’cause i lost everything i had when i bet it all on you
i try not to think about it, or else i’ll go insane
sometimes i cry, wondering why you left me standing in the rain
standing in the rain
why did you leave me standing
standing in the rain

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