spring winter summer fall lyrics – blu

through the valleys in the shadows of death
i half step off the sidewalk to catch my breath
while they glorify thoughts that immortalize chalk
i jog life through cemeteries where? mortifieds walk
took the hawk out, feed it chickenhearts when it’s dark out
parked in a dark spot where havenots talk loud
about anything sinking under the sun
converse mind never spotless died a hundred and one
saw a child without his shoes tied run with a gun
yelling back at one saying all he wanted was fun
where’s the love touched the dial and the crowd went wild
when the hand hit the three and the nine time smiled
and i glanced at it, i saw an old man dance frantic
ain’t no half step he was playing out of band blasting
it was tragic when the magic in the city left
good thing the people by the sea kept plenty depth
some say they would throw a bottle of wishes
out to the fishes who presented it as visions to the other side
i never swam that far
but i saw the same results casting cars at falling stars
thought it from the tippy the people from the city sang country tunes
and humbly tripped the humpty under drunken moons
a baboon used to gamble his jewels to pay dudes
his hand was so hot he thought that ever moon was june
ayo my man took a flag out the moon and made a cape
gave away saturns rings to venus and changed sp*ce
told? philosophers the heart ain’t a stone it’s a ruby
every beat it made turned to compliments and precious jewellery
and the world rained diamonds simaultaneous
the homeless were the only ones who knew of the engagement
i sat and sang hymns on the empty stage faded
woke up the next morning on a crystallized pavement
wondering where the day went
golden gates sent down an angel who told me to hear the secrets
i didn’t know i was holding
that moment rap slogans were quoted like scriptures
rich folk went broke and spent the night with us
i invited my n*gg*s to rock tuxes at the function
bebop was transformed to boom bap production
it was true that the subject reminded me of someone
her face kept changing from one to another one
i added all my numbers up and counted out a blessing
equated life’s lessons, subtracted my transgressions
rested on a mountain where a woman ran naked
heard the last call right before they played my man’s record
at last we were headed to a place more familiar
the eyes opened so wide to earth they could fill up
i took a picture of her with her hair up in a rainbow
and when i finally met her i just asked her why she changed so

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