spirits lyrics – darkseed

i am one of these dumb wise men
so i’ve much ado to know myself

i don’t know how to get clear
with all the depths i owe
thru the hour-gl*ss they flow
i don’t know the free and offered light
the lighting of my being is as bright

if i break the day, what would i gain?
to hold a candle lighting shame?
i desire no delight, no more delight
all knowledge is now burning in my eyes

you promise me blush life
i stand for sacrifice
i wish you all the joy that you can wish
spirits dull at night
i think you are denied
the light we see is burning in my eyes

i don’t show teeth in way of smile
i only see the hour-gl*ss how it runs
by yonder-moon i swear you do me wrong
with my own hands i strike you honour down

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