soul shaker lyrics – kik tracee

(lyrics: stephen shareaux, rob grad
music: gregory hex, rob grad)
slow motion reply of a 9 to 5
visual infatuation, just caught my eye
the last six shooters, shooters been running dry
desperation, telling lies
that nasty little girl
i want to get into her world, i’m on the outside
i’m on the outside looking in
i can’t believe what’s happening on the inside
same time 9 to 5 romeo takes another bite outta life
disguised eyes they meet, juliet walks down a different street
move a little closer, i got something you should know
look into my eyes do you see another romeo
she gets to looking like a prisoner
prisoner of the streets she walks
i never thought i’d be the victim
the victim, victim of the romeo blues
where for art thou now romeo
you just caught my eye
hey you, why don’t you move a little bit closer
tell me what you see
do you see another romeo
i ain’t gonna be your romeo

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