song to sing when i’m lonely lyrics – john frusciante

a song to play when i’m lonely
when i never play a game again
no one to face when i’m falling
holding tight to dreams that never end

i’ll be you
i do
i’ll be you
no one’s afraid
to be called by another name
no one dares to be good
down where they don’t belong
nowhere’s anyone’s reason
everythings dying then revened

out with these faults and you make me, baby
faking a movement by no one seeing it
no one always find peace alone
no one choses to beat my pride down

someone’s pierced right through me
people failed me being drawn up
so hard to fade a few moments
love and pain are being clung to
by losing us
only waiting for
long times to be wrong
and true to us

out of place in my own time
drowning thinking that i’m dry
hold on to facts that will never be proven
faking an action cause no one is looking
h*llo and i’m crashing
feel nothing when my life’s flashing before my eyes

she’ll look through me down
it’s haunted so much
(i’ll be you, i do, i’ll be you)

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